OurDrugRep.com founded was in 2011 and has grown rapidly. It is now responsible for the management of over 600 appointments with 380 representatives each month. Our passion and drive to create the website was built on "giving Representatives more access" and it does this through offering more available appointments to existing representatives.

Our Goals

* A system that is the most efficient for practices.

* A system that makes representatives more effective.

* 20% of appointments currently go unfulfilled because reps need to cancel or don't know about the vacant appointments. We want to give these appointments back to representatives.

Owner Profile

Liam Butler

Liam Butler holds a bachelor of applied science from the Queensland University of Technology with majors in biotechnology and human resource management. He is currently studying toward masters of commerce at the University of New South Wales with a major in business information systems. He has over seven years' experience in the pharmaceutical industry working for Abbott Australasia. During this time he has worked as a representative and in business intelligence where his primary responsibility was the management of the CRM. Prior to that, he spent eight years working in sales roles in a variety of industries including finance and telecommunications. He ran a small business in Victoria for eighteen months where he developed an understanding of the application of databases through the development of his own customer relationship management system in Microsoft access and the potential business benefits.