Is there a cost involved to register?
No -  is a free service
If I make an appointment, can other reps from my company also make an appointment with this clinic?
Yes – the system allows each representative to make one appointment with the clinic at a time. When this appointment is completed, they can make their next appointment. One representative from a company having an appointment with the clinic does not affect the others.
How do I find out about other clinics that have registered on my territory?
Typically as a clinic transitions to the online appointment system, they will let you know that you should make your next appointment online. Alternatively, you can browse the clinics on the site to find clinics that have already registered that are relevant to you.
Is this website owned by a pharmaceutical company?
No – not owned or affiliated with any pharmaceutical companies.
What happens when I change companies or leave my role?
If your company email address begins to bounce, it will be assumed that you have left the company. At this stage your account will be deactivated and any appointments you have will be cancelled allow other representatives to take your place. Please remember you cannot transfer appointments to another colleague when you leave.