Is there a cost associated with
No – there is no cost associated with using the system and no contracts. If for any reason you decide that the site is not for you, it is easy to go back to using your old system.
My practice only sees representatives at specific times, can we do this through the site?
Yes – works identically to the current system you have in place. You nominate specific times that the representatives can make appointments.
We like the representative to confirm on the day, does this still happen?
Yes – it's up to you. The day before an appointment takes place, the representative receives an email with any practice specific information you may have. This free text section may include notes to please phone in the morning to confirm the appointment or any other instructions you would normally like the representative to follow.
Does the system allow a representative to make more than one appointment at a time?
No – the system limits each representatives to making only one appointment at a time. This ensures that your doctors hear from a variety of representatives about a variety of topics and gives every representative a fair chance to visit your practice.
Can more than one representative from a single company make appointments at the same time?
Yes – the system limits each representative to only having one appointment at a time. Other representatives from the same company can make appointments with your clinic as well, regardless of whether or not their colleagues have an appointment.
Can people who are not drug representatives make appointments through the site?
Yes – we have a large number of allied health professionals and "non-drug rep" users of the site. We place no restrictions on who can register as a representative.
Is there any software to be installed on my computer?
No – is a website that you can visit, the same as google or ninemsn. It is entirely web based so there is no need to install software on your computer.
Can it integrate with my practice management software?
No – We are currently working with practice management software providers to develop an IT partnership. In the future, should you want, appointments will be able to be updated in your practice management software.