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70% of practices that see medical representatives by appointment are using a paper based planner. The challenges are

  • Lack of control– representatives making multiple appointments and filling up the calendar resulting in your doctors hearing about the same products every week with other representatives missing out.
  • Managing cancellations– 20% of appointments end up cancelled or unattended.
  • It's Messy– over the course of a year, the representative's details become close to illegible.


Modernise your medical practice today, it's free!

Take back control without having to spend time "policing the system". only allows each representative to make one appointment at a time. Giving every representative a fair chance to see your doctors ensures they get a variety of information and topics. Each representative is verified requiring a valid email address from the company they represent.

It is the same process as a paper based planner. You nominate the times and days at which you see representatives which you can modify at any time. If you have a staff meeting or a local specialist visiting, you have the option to block out days which you do not want a representative to take an appointment.