Getting started with the system is easy!

In three simple steps, you can be up and running.


Step 1 – Chose a date!

The first step is to decide on a transition date where you will discontinue your current planner or system and start taking appointments online. Have a look at when you are currently booked up until and chose a date that is after that, for example the 1st September.

For appointments that representatives wish to make that are before 1st September, you will continue to use your current system and anything after that date, the representatives use the online system.


Step 2 – Get your online system set up

Go to the registration page, find your clinic filtering by state and city, complete your information and nominate the times that you see representatives. You then block out from today until the date you transition, ie. 1st September, so that representatives cannot book these days. Include any specific instructions that will be emailed to the representative the day prior in the ‘My Profile' section, updating your ‘Clinic Confirmation Information'.

The system is now ready to use and you can start accepting appointments.


Step 3 – Wait for your material to arrive

When you register with the system, we will send the following A6 double sided brochure to hand out to representatives that come to your clinic. This gives them clear instructions on how to make an appointment with your clinic as well as answering any frequently asked questions.


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