Whilst doing everything your current planner/system does it is designed to save your staff time, reduce cancellations and is easier for the Representative.

It's the same appointment times with the same representatives. You have the same control with a simpler, more efficient system.

To manage the ever increasing amount of administration associated with running a medical clinic, modern practices are constantly looking for more efficient ways of doing things.

OurDrugRep.com is a free service that streamlines the process around representative appointments, freeing up time at the front desk to concentrate on the more important things. It is currently being used by over 400 of the largest practices across Australia.

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"I am loving the system, takes a lot of pressure off the front desk. Some reps were not happy about it because they had previously been a bit dodgy and put in more than one lunch date at a time and now they can't do that. Winning!!

My doctors are happy because now there is a variety in the lunch topics and they don't see the same faces week to week. Overall, it has been a big winner with our practice." -  Kelly McDonnell, Maroubra Medical Centre

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  • Over 90% of clients either agreed or strongly agreed that this system has helped their practice save time
  • 100% of practices said the system was easy to use.